Turn your Shared Service Center
into a leading SSC

Innovative, service-oriented and efficiënt

In 3 steps a leading SSC

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Turn your Shared Service Center into a leading SSC

Innovative, service-oriented and efficiënt

What would it be like if you are the CFO with
one of the 5% leading SSCs?

My customers turn their SSC into a leading shared service center and achieve unique results. 
My customers turn their SSC into a leading Shared Service Center and achieve unique results.

Premium quality

The business values the SSC as a sparring partner and employees are asked to participate in innovative projects for the external customer. 

internal customers

The business experiences optimal customer focus instead of bureaucratic behavior. 


Your SSC makes your company an attractive employer for talents because there are challenging new development opportunities for employees. 

75% savings
of administrative costs

This is € 500.000 to € 2.000.000 per year and 5% to  10% growth in profit. 

financieel shared service center

Unfortunately the reality is bumpy.

Ambitions are high, but the change is a hassle and takes too much time.

CFOs think 10 to 20 years is common for this change. 

Does this sound familiar to you? You have a SSC but it’s not running as you intended. Maybe you doubt: “Is this all there is?” The SSC shows bureaucratic behavior and is not at all the innovative business partner you have in mind.

I recognize this with many customers. Help from the well-known strategy consultants didn’t give the desired results. Their reports are gathering  dust on a bookshelf. 

More than 20 years ago I started with my 1st SSC. I muddled throught this bumpy reality. Because a leading SSC is a huge organizational and cultural change. You have to act carefully if you want to do justice to the people who work there.

With my customers it is a change process that yields unique results in 3 to 5 years. We have fun and people participate enthusiastically.    

Discover my unique Shared Service Center approach

Vision on the Shared Service Center


Discover the strategy that works for your company and become a leading SSC. 

Work service-oriented

Resist the tempation to do everything for everyone with dissatisfied customers as a result. 

Business plan

Implement the improvements that have the greatest results now. 


Nurture knowledge and craftsmanschip, attract talent and prevent talent from leaving. 


Measure performance. For internal customers and for your operational management. 

End-to-end results

Organize end-to-end improving with internal customers. To become the indispensable link in the success of your company. 

New services

Develop and deliver new services to new internal customers and grow successfully. 

Turn your Shared Service Center into a leading SSC

My approach consists of 7 elements that we together tailor to your situation.

My Dutch book ‘The success of shared service? You!’ describes how you can include employees in this big change.  

I helped CFOs of companies like Peterson Control Union group, Dura Vermeer, Hago, Vebego, BAM and Connexxion to get a leading SSC. Without forced redundancies or hassle with a works council.

Their projects are published in CFO.nl, We are finance, the controllers magazine and FM.nl.

If you want to know more about this, download the strategy. 

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