Optimize your financial shared service center

and reduce 75% FSSC costs!

Optimize your financial shared service center

and reduce 75% FSSC costs!

Run your FSSC efficiently and grow with new services

75% cost

High productivity, knowledge, efficient processes and intelligent automation reduce your FSSC costs by 75%.

quality services 

Deliver ‘first time right’ with premium quality.

internal customers

Internal customers are so satisfied that they ask you for new services such as tax, treasury, HR, facility services and fleet management.


Your optimal FSSC is a very attractive workplace and you attract talent.

Do you also waste money?

Research shows that 95% of the financial shared service centers (FSSCs) worldwide are not really successful. They don’t use the potential of the shared service concept and waste money.
Only 5% of the FSSCs worldwide are successful. They save 75% costs, deliver premium quality of services, satisfy internal customers and attract talent.

Since 2002 I help CFOs to run the FSSC efficiently and grow with new services. I notice that many CFOs consider the FSSC as a centralization of several financial administrations. They think the FSSC is ready after these financial administrations are moved to a central location.

But… if you don’t change the way of working after centralization, you’ll not achieve the desired results. A complete new way of working is needed to save 75% costs, deliver premium quality of services and attract new customers.

I am a specialist in building efficient and customer-oriented FSSCs since 2002. I use my knowledge daily, in practice. The smallest details make the difference between a stagnant and a successful FSSC.

My customers discover these details and have success. Your team can learn this too!   

Discover my proven FSSC approach


Discover the strategy that works for your company and become a knowledge center.

Work customer-oriented

Resist the temptation to do everything for everyone with dissatisfied customers as a result.

Business plan

Implement the improvements that have now the greatest effect.


Nurture knowledge and craftsmanship, attract talent and prevent talent from leaving.


Measure performance. For internal customers and for your operational management.

End-to-end results

Organize end-to-end improving with internal customers. To become the indispensable link in the success of your company.

New services

Develop and deliver new services to new internal customers and grow successfully.

Do you also want to reduce the costs of your FSSC by 75%?

Manual ‘Optimize the FSSC in 3 steps’

In this manual you’ll discover:

These customers successfully optimized their FSSC