Shared Service Center Specialist
Carina van Reeven

Carina van Reeven FSSC

As a 14-year-old I spelled the business magazine Elsevier. Especially the interviews with ‘captains of industry’ fascinated me. I imagined how these men, in a beautiful suit with a matching tie, a car with driver, present to tens of thousands of their employees their visions and business plans they want to achieve.   

I imagined myself doing that and chose to study businessadministration.I majored incomputerscience(thehardside)andchangemanagement(thesoftside).

Since 2002 I am Shared Service Center (SSC) specialist.

  • My 5th SSC saved costsby75%without any forcedredundanciesorhasslewiththeWorksThiswas€2millionincostsavingsperyearand8%growthinprofit.Also,alldivisionswantedtoworkwiththeSSC.Infact,theyaskedfornewservicesandinvitedtheSSCtoparticipateincommercialtenders.
  • My (dutch) book ‘The success of shared service? You!’, describes how this was
  • My 10th SSC was that of a family business where setting up an SSC had failed twice in 10 Help of the well-known strategy consultants didn’t have the desired results. Their reports caught dust on a shelf. This 3rd attempt succeeded and yielded 4% growth in profits. This SSC is so successful that in addition to finance and HR, it now also provides facility, fleet management, legal affairs, purchasing and IT services.


My clients include Peterson Control Union, Dura Vermeer, Hago, Vebego, BAM, Connexxion / Transdev.

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Shared service center

After years of hard work, I am now pushing boundaries. I recently traded in my Porsche convertible for a Volkswagen camper van. I travel regularly with my husband and only do a few assignments a year.

In these assignments I work with CFOs who want to drastically reduce their administrative costs and get rid of the SSC bureaucracy. So that the SSC is a center of expertise and business partner. I use my unique expertise for CFOs who find it important to transform carefully with respect to the people they work with.